I'm think I'm gonna start putting up still frames from my Flash work too. It's my day job, so why not?

Here's a turnaround I did up real quick for a character in a Short I am putting together. There will probably be alot of this srt going up in the next few days.

Here's a quickie.

I missed again yesterday, so I think I'll post two up today. I was checking MySpace and I came across this photo of a girl I went to school with who looks absoloutly stunning, so I had to draw it. It's neat when a photo feels like there's a story. Good job, Isha.

This is the Samurai I drew a week ago and started coloring. I wasn't gonna repost it, but I figure that I probably won't get around to finishing it off anytime in the near future. I'm an all in one sitting kind of a guy.

Another for Derek's Story. I wanted to add more, but I apparently can't draw a simple leaf.

Hey, I'm productive today. I missed a few days this week due to internet problems, so I have some making up to do. My brother asked me if I would do a pic for him for his myspace account, so he sent me a photo as reference and I drew him.

My buddy Derek is writing a story so I thought I'd do some inspriration works to help him along.

I went home and realized the problems with the last sketch. He doesn't have the right fangs to look like an orc, but I'm leavin' it up anyways. I guess a big part of speed art is not going back and retouching it. I'm trying to feel out how painty I can be in Alias's Sketchbook(one of the best programs ever), but for the painting end, I can't really get in and detailed like I can in Photoshop or Painter. Here's a quick crack at it.
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