Felt like Doodlin'. Here's a pic of my Character from Torrey Pines.
This is a character that me and my best bud used ti draw back when I was in middle school. I haven't drawn a picture of him in years. Don't know why I did today.
I'm having alot of trouble making up my mind today.
This is a BG I did today.
This is my second attempt at this BG. I actually got out some reference for trees and looked at the concept for color palette this time and it made me much happier. Now I just have to decide on whether or not I want to paint in the tower he is looking up at, or if it should be more of a 2d image like he will be. Oh yeah, and the Tauren spirit is just for kicks.
There's no gnome in the short, but I figured why not?
I did my first color Concept for the film and I think it turned out pretty good. I haven't really ever worked on a painting before without laying it out in pencils ahead of time. It was interesting to me, so I'm posting it up in the four stages I did it in.

Workin' on a mini short based on none other than my own World of Warcraft character Mokokomi(WHAT A NERD) and these are some previz quick sketches to try and get the look and feel of where I'm going with it.


Here's another swing at a painting from a photo of my bud Kyle. I thing I'm getting a little better.

I'm learning to digitally paint with actual digital paint tools now. My friend Chuck wanted me to draw this photo, but I decided to try this first.

Here's some guy I drew. I don't know who it is, or what he does. Deal with it.

I haven't posted here in too long. But I'm back at work for good so I will definately be doing some daily posts. I've got a few Pitches in the works with some different writing partners and hopefully something will stick. If not, then at least I'll have a bunch of animated pilots for my reel.
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