Hey there. This blog never moves because to be honest, I don't really use it:)

Head over to marchampson.com and you can see everything I've been working on from art to film and beyond. Hope to hear from all of you!
Concept illustration I did for a game at Codefire Studios while trying to nail down the style.

I'm back to Blogging! Lot's of stuff to post from the past few months, but I'll take my time with it to keep up a consistency:) Here's an illustration I did at Codefire for a shut down TCG we were working on last December. I always see baby dragons done as lizards(which make sense), but I wanted to do something a little different, so I dug up some referense of tree frogs and painted this.

This is a character I created for a small flash game. I'm hoping it will be up by the end of the year.

This is a quick sketch I did to warm up for some digital painting at work a few months back.

I really like this one.


I'm trying to learn to put a feeling or mood into images that help present a feeling beyond just the image it's depicting. I kinda like.

I love me a good war epic and hope to one day get to make one. I guess for now I just get to doodle:)
I did this one up last night before I went to bed.

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I've been off the blog for while dealing with some medical issues, but I've picked up my stylus again and am getting back to business. I'm also excited to say that I am now the Digital Colorist for one of Red 5 Comics launch titles; Afterburn. I'm very excited and supposed to get started within the next week.
I got an e-mail from an old friend yesterday and got inspired to do a quick image. We worked on a book together like 7 or 8 years ago and this was a character from it named Kezef.

I posted up colored versions here.

I have been inspired by the guys over at El-Pacifico to do a weekly online comic. I'll have the first post up this Sunday over at theLastEmorai.blogspot.com

Here's a look at the first page I'm putting together.

I got all excited about comics again and drug in all of my old ones from my garage tonight. My wife is pissed. Anywho, here's the second page.

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